Wallis ‘Dress to Kill’ Campaign

Steve’s award winning career began as a creative at DDB London where he picked up awards for VW, the Dairy Council,and work for HIV Awareness.

Moving on to BBH saw a flood of awards for Levis Mermaids TV spot, originating the One 2 One campaign ‘Who would you like to have a One 2 One with?’, Electrolux ‘Dustmite, Wallis ‘Dress to Kill’ press campaign and Levis “originals’ Press campaign shot by Nick Knight. The latter being exhibited in the V&A Museum.

Finally moving to AMV DDB he continued his award winning streak with his campaign for British Telecom ‘Tell someone about it’ and it’s here that Steve directed his first ad for C.O I Anti-Smoking. ‘Rebecca’ won gold at the British Advertising & Television Awards and launched his directing career in style.

His awards in total (including directing) follow.

Levis ‘Original’s’ Campaign

Levis ‘Mermaids’

One 2 One ‘Kate 2 Elvis

Audi ‘No 1’

NHS 'Rebecca'