Steve started his career as an advertising creative in London. As an art director, he worked at high profile agencies DDB London, BBH London, and AMV BBDO London for clients such as Levis, Volkswagen, Audi and British Telecom. By the age of 32 he had won 14 Cannes Lions including 6 golds and was acknowledged by Creative Circle as the 8th most awarded creative in Great Britain. His work has also been exhibited in the V&A.

He now utilises his experience as a creative and combines it with direction. As a result he has either won or been nominated in all the major advertising awards as a commercials director (Cannes, D&AD, The US One Show, BTAA and the Creative Circle) as well as being in the Cannes New Directors showcase, Shots ‘Faces to Watch’ and excepted into The Directors Guild of America.

With his natural gift for casting together with his art directing background he can not only do visual work but also comedy and hard hitting drama. In fact every public service ad he’s written or directed has won an accolade. Something he’s very proud of. 

He's recently shot his first short film 'Kapara' in Australia motivated by giving an indigenous woman an unconventional lead role, something that he feels doesn't happen often enough. It's been rewarded with recognition all over the world in short film competitions.

This makes him a truly international director, having shot all over the world in the US, Canada, Australia, India, Argentina, South Africa, to name but a few. 

Finally, because of his vast experience in advertising, working as both a creative and a director for some of the most prolific clients and agencies in the world, Steve Hudson can also offer something truly unique as an advertising director.

Not only can he realise a script from an agency but he can also write scripts to the very highest standard and see them through the directing stage. This means that he can work direct to clients who don’t have a permanent advertising agency as well as with agencies creative departments. 

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